Project Manager

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Full-time

Project Manager at Truebil

About Truebil

  • Truebil is a growth stage start-up in the automobile space with a vision to change the way Indians think about transactions in automobiles.
  • Truebil aims to solve extremely big pain-points in the automobile space. The amount of time people take to buy/sell cars and bikes is exorbitantly high. With our business model, we are sure that we can decrease it by up to 90%.
  • Truebil is based out of Powai, Mumbai.
  • It’s a team of seven co-founders with diverse experience in Business strategy, Technology and Product Management

What will someone do as a Project Manager at Truebil?

Considering the growth stage of Truebil, the Project Manager would typically be doing the following:

  • Lead the high value projects identified in an early stage high growth environment.
  • Single point of contact for the execution of projects.
  • Liaise with all the stakeholders and departments involved in the project.
  • Lead the projects at the expansion stage of the startup in different cities.
  • Manage P&L of the respective vertical.
  • Head the entire customer sales and support team across all cities.
  • Head, manage and ensure nation wide customer walk-ins in Truebil Direct Stores.
  • Head Customer grievance and escalations department.
  • Measure and monitor sales flow and lead management across all cities.
  • Manage, Improve and implement new and existing CRM, Telephony and Esclation Infrastructure.
  • Directly report to one of the co-founders/founding member of the company

What is required to be a Project Manager at Truebil?

  • Ability to lead and solve complex problem statements
  • Should be a strong team player with an ability to lift the motivation of the team in undesirable situations
  • Must be a person with tremendous zeal to learn, accept and solve new challenges everyday
  • Should definitely be comfortable in using Google Sheets (Any scripting Language), Microsoft tools like Excel, Word, Presentation, etc.
  • Strong Analytical skills and a flair for number crunching.
  • Leadership Skills- You will be handling a team of 100+ people across 3 cities.
  • Organisational management skills- you will be handling 10+ most important processes in the company.
  • IIT/NIT Graduate with experience not less than 3 years in startups

What will you gain professionally at Truebil?

  • Tremendous confidence of dealing with high-pressure electric situations
  • Master the art of leading high Imapct projects
  • Responsibility of expansion of the company across different cities
  • You can become an important member of the core team of Truebil during expansion and growth phases with primary role in business strategy
  • Work with a team of people from different IITs with a motivation to challenge the conventional thinking of the market/industry

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